Authors Festival Committee

The Authors Festival Committee is dedicated to partnering with local reading councils organizing Authors Festivals that provide reading and writing enrichment opportunities for Wisconsin students. 

About WSRA Authors Festivals

WSRA offers its support to local reading councils by assisting financially with speaker fees and expenses, as well as staff assistance with contracts, online registration, the sharing of information among participating councils and publicity. Amongst other resources, the WSRA’s speaker database can  be used to find information regarding Wisconsin authors and authors who have participated in past events. 

The following councils are considering holding author conferences in 2016-2017:

  • Central Wisconsin
  • Fox Valley  Scheduled for October 1, 2016
  • Hidden Valley
  • Lake Superior Literacy 
  • Madison Area 
  • Midwest Wisconsin
  • Northwest Wisconsin
  • Headwaters 
  • Rock River 

Contact Information

For questions or more information regarding Authors Festivals, please contact Sue Bradley at