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Thursday, February 4, 2016

A1 Mercer

A3 Fritz  Book Introductions

A5 Kaye

A7 Serafini Reading the Visual

A11 Bemmels Flipped Literacy Professional Learning Opportunities  

A12 Wisconsin Authors

A15 Craft PALS Spelling Data

A18 Co-Teaching


B2 Bomer Essays as Explorations

B5 Fritz Keep Them Talking

B6 Heise Children's Literature Committee Picture This

B7 Kercher Creating 21st Century Toolbox

B9 Nichols Real Talk

B10 Serafini Reading Workshop 2.0

B17 Dorfman and Dougherty Grammar Matters



C1 Patrick Allen Readers Workshop

C4 DeFord

C5 Heise Children's Literature Just One More Page

C6  Link to Troy Hick's website

C7  High School Literacy

C10 Moses Supporting English Learners K-2

C13 Amend Handouts:

C14 Beck Interactive Read Alouds Beck

C17 Frederick Language Development and Read Alouds


Friday, February 5, 2016

1D Irby Online Handout

Institute 2 Keynote Glover Curr and Instruction Chart

2A Duke The Power of Project Based PK-Kdg.

2B Nichols Expanding Understanding

2D Glover

2F Moses Getting Started with Inquiry

2 endnote Cleaveland

Institute 3 Keynote Duke Project Based Approach Gr. 3-5

3A Cummins

3B Zwiers

3E Bennett

Institute 4 Keynote Fisher Link to Dropbox

5E Lawrence Link to Reading Like a Writer and Reader

6C Link to Troy Hick's website

6F Kohl

6D Link to the resources on Keith Schroeder's website 

7 Johnston Research Says

8A Walsh-Boeder PALS

8B Metzer

8C Cleaveland Assessment for Learning

8F Fisher Assessment for Instruction

9B Hollingsworth Differentiating Literacy Instruction

Instittute 10 Moses Getting Started with Inquiry

10E Vogt

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Paul Gorski Building a Pedagogy of Engagement

Lindsey Moses Fostering Social Responsibility

Monty Neil Fair Test

Melissa Tempel Rethinking Culturally Responsive Teaching

Dewitz Choosing Assessments