2020 Summer Institute

We Got This: Becoming the Teachers Our Students Need Us to Be!

This institute and Leadership meetings will be held online. 

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Registration link: www.wsra.org/2020-aug-institute

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The day will start with an exploration of anti-oppressive methodologies, including universal design for learning and culturally sustaining pedagogies. We will explore the relationship that listening to children and to their communities plays in fostering growth and ensuring achievement. All of this work will rest on a foundation of strong literacy practice. No matter the discipline or the curriculum, we all teach children to read. That they read fiction, informational texts, media, lab reports, social situations, or primary sources is secondary to the reality that they must read powerfully, think critically, write expressively, and speak convincingly.

Registration Fees for the institute:

  • $10 Leadership Group members for 2020-2021 (Committees, Local WI Reading Council Leaders)
  • $99 WSRA member
  • $129 nonmember
  • $25 Full-Time Undergraduate Student member of WSRA