Friday 11:00 AM
Friday, February 7, 2020

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F-B01 Blevins, Wiley A Fresh Look at Phonics (Repeats at 2:00)
F-B02 Collins, Kathy Welcome to the Reading Club! Ideas to Engage Children Who are Reluctant, Resistant, or Hesitant Readers
F-B03 Cummins, Sunday When Written Responses are a Hot Mess: The Power of Guided Writing
F-B04 Faddis, Toni Fostering Collective Action: The Principal as Literacy Leader
F-B05 Glover, Matt Increasing Engagement for Writers Through Choice of Genre
F-B06 Hicks, Troy Research Writing Rewired: Approaches to Ground Digital Literacy
F-B07 Johnson, Aeriale For Want of Utterance: Teaching Literacy for Liberation
F-B08 Khan, Hena Stories for Change: Reshaping the Narrative of American Muslims
F-B09 Kittle, Penny Writing with Passion: Stories as Evidence to Support Ideas
F-B10 Luedeke, Kelly & Dercks, Jamie Attending to Language for ELL and ALL Students
F-B11 Miller, Donalyn Revving Up Read Alouds
F-B12 Moses, Lindsey Remixing the Young Writers’ Workshop: Integrated Strategies and Structures for Supporting Primary Writers
F-B13 Novak, Barb & Adams, Laura Instructional Practices for Equitable Learning in English Language Arts
F-B14 Roberts, Kate A Novel Approach
F-B15 Shubitz, Stacey Ignite Your Teaching by Being a Teacher-Writer
  Smith, Cynthia Leitich Saturday only
F-B17 Stachowiak, Dana Healing-Centered Approaches to Supporting Minoritized Communities
F-B18 Tatum, Alfred Nurturing Meaningful Literacy Exchanges with Texts Among Struggling and Non-Struggling Readers and Writers
F-B19 Taylor-Marshall, Sandra Transformative Coaching Conversations
F-B20 Title I Committee Labels Not Needed: When Teaching Together Means Learning For All
F-B21 Toll, Cathy Advanced Techniques for Literacy Coaching
F-B22 Witter-Easley, Jackie Literacy Moments: Creating Daily Teachable Moments with Beginning Readers (Repeats at 2:00)