Friday 1:45 PM
Friday, February 7, 2020

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F-C01 Affinito, Stephanie Leading Literacy: Blending Teachers & Tech to Build Joyful Reading Communities
F-C02 Allen, Lisa H Fluency at the Secondary Level
F-C03 Blevins, Wiley A Fresh Look at Phonics (Repeated from 11:00)
F-C04 Collins, Kathy Myth-busting and Demystifying Reading Conferences: Here's to a New You!
F-C05 Gentry, Richard Understanding and Overcoming Dyslexia in Light of Reading Science
F-C06 Graf, Mary Ellen & Davick, Kym Come Together: Resources for Diverse Books
F-C07 Heard, Georgia Poetry Every Day: Bite-Sized Strategies to Include Poetry Throughout the Year
F-C08 Hicks, Troy Now I See It! Video Tools for Formative Assessment and Media Production
F-C09 Kastein, Brittany & Schneider, Melissa Self-Assess Their Way to Success
F-C10 Lehman, Christopher The Power of Interactive Read Aloud: Make the Most of Shared Text Experiences
F-C11 Miller, Donalyn Books for a Better World
F-C12 Prather, Liz Story Matters: Using the Techniques of Fiction in Argumentative and Informational Texts
F-C13 Renwick, Matt Lead Like a Coach
F-C14 Roberts, Kate Falling in Love with Close Reading
F-C15 Roberts, Maggie Beattie Building a Community of Professional Writing Practice: Writing for Our Students Ourselves, and Our Profession
F-C16 Roncke, Nancy Socratic Seminars - Creating a Student-Led Community of Learners and Advocates
F-C17 Roth, Whitney Using Literature to Promote Peace & Social Justice - Exploring the Jane Addams Children's Book Award
F-C18 Serafini, Frank The What, Why, and How of Multimodal Literacy
F-C19 Shubitz, Stacey Mine Mentor Texts for Power Craft Moves
F-C20 Stone, Nic GET L.I.T. (Repeats from Friday at 9:30)
F-C21 Witter-Easley, Jackie Literacy Moments: Creating Daily Teachable Moments with Beginning Readers (Repeated from 11:00)