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MATT RENWICK: Principal, Mineral Point Elementary School

LINDA RIEF: recently stepped from the classroom after teaching 8th graders at Oyster River Middle School in Durham, NH for 40 years. She is an instructor in the University of New Hampshire's Summer Literacy Institute and a national and international presenter on issues of adolescent literacy. She is the author of The Quickwrite Handbook (2018), ReadWriteTeach (2014), Inside the Writer's-Reader's Notebook (2007), Vision and Voice (1999), and Seeking Diversity (1992), and co-editor (Beers, Probst, and Rief) of Adolescent Literacy (2007). For five years she co-edited Voices from the Middle, an NCTE journal. She is the author of 100 Quickwrites (2003) and co-author with Roger Essley of Visual Tools (2008), both published by Scholastic. A recipient of NCTE’s Edwin A. Hoey Award for Outstanding Middle School Educator in the English Language Arts her classroom was featured in the series Making Meaning in Literature produced by Maryland Public Television for Annenberg/CPB. For three years she chaired the first Early Adolescence English/Language Arts Standards Committee of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

PERNILLE RIPP: (@pernilleripp) helps students discover their superpower as a former 4th and 5th, but now 7th grade English teacher in Oregon, Wisconsin. She opens up her educational practices to the world on her blog and is also the creator of the Global Read Aloud Project, a global literacy initiative that has connected millions of students. She is an internationally known educational speaker and also the author of several education books, with her latest release titled Passionate Readers - The Art of Reaching and Engaging Every Child. Look for Pernille surrounded by her four amazing kids, lovely husband, and with a book in her hand.

MAGGIE BEATTIE ROBERTSbegan her teaching career in the heart of Chicago and then pursued graduate studies as a Literacy Specialist at Teachers College, Columbia University. She worked as a staff developer for the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project for nearly ten years where she led research and development in digital and media literacy, as well as differentiated methods of teaching and content area literacy. Maggie is currently a national literacy consultant, guest teacher, author, and frequent presenter at national conferences. She is committed to helping teachers tap into the power of their own deep engagement in reading and writing, and leads school-wide staff development around the country. She is happiest teaching alongside teachers in their classrooms. She is co-author of the popular book, DIY Literacy: Teaching Tools for Differentiation, Rigor, and Independence (with Kate Roberts), and authored several Heinemann Unit of Study books on the teaching of writing. Her article, Thinking While Reading: The Beautiful Mess of Helping Adolescents Learn and Celebrate How Their Minds Work (co-authored with Kristen Robbins Warren), was featured in the December 2016 issue of NCTE's middle school journal, Voices from the Middle. You can learn more about Maggie’s work, as well as access videos and other resources, at Follow Maggie on Twitter: @MaggieBRoberts

KATE ROBERTS:  is a national literacy consultant, top-selling author, and popular keynote speaker. She taught reading and writing in Brooklyn, NY and worked as a literacy coach before joining the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project in 2005, where she worked as a Lead Staff Developer for 11 years. Kate's latest book, A Novel Approach, asks how we can teach whole class novels while still holding onto student centered practices like readers workshop. She is also the co-author of Falling in Love with Close Reading (with Christopher Lehman), DIY Literacy (with Maggie Beattie Roberts), and she co-wrote two Units of Study books on Literary Essay. Her work with students across the country has led to her belief that all kids can be insightful, academic thinkers when the work is demystified, broken down and made engaging. To this end, Kate has worked nationally and internationally to help teachers, schools, and districts develop and implement strong teaching practices and curriculum.

BECKY ROEHL: Title I Reading Teacher, East Troy School District

NANCY RONCKE:  Literacy Coach, School District of Waukesha; Adjunct Professor, Carroll University

WHITNEY ROTH: Elementary Educator, Hamilton School District