Thursday 11:00 AM
Thursday, February 6, 2020

Th-B01 Abrams, Jennifer Having Hard Conversations
Th-B02 Chen, Rita Reading and writing to change the world: A community of practice story
Th-B03 Compton Lilly, Catherine Making Sense of Informational Texts: The Development of Understanding K-5
Th-B04 Digital Literacies Committee WSRA Digital Literacies Committee: Learning To Teach Writing in Digital Contexts
Th-B05 Gabriel, Rachael Understanding Dyslexia: Research, Policy, Practice, and Public Debate
Th-B06 Gomez, Margarita  
Th-B07 Haddix, Marcelle Writing Our Lives as a Space of Healing in Troubling Times (Repeats at 2:00)
Th-B08 Kilpatrick, David Understanding the Role of Phonemic Proficiency in Boosting Reading Skills in Struggling Readers
Th-B09 Lange, Michelle "Social Justice: The Power of Choice and Voice": Helping Students Understand That All Kinds of Writing Can Change the World
Th-B10 Legislative Committee WSRA Legislative Committee: Advocating For and Moving Toward Communities of Practice: Focusing on What is Critical
Th- B11 Lindgren, Merri & Schliesman, Megan CCBC: Great New Books for Middle and High School Classrooms
Th-B12 Lopez, Rafeal Where Do Inspiration and Ideas Come From?
Th-B13 Mesmer, Heidi Letter Lessons and First Words: Phonics Foundations that Work (Repeats at 2:00)
Th-B14 Minor, Cornelius & Ness, Molly Teachers as Readers
Th-B15 Mraz, Kristi Writing Workshop is for Everyone: Towards a More Inclusive Writing Practice
Th-B16 Novak, Barb & Adams, Laura Literacy Coaching with an Equity Lens
Th-B17 Nystrand, Martin  
Th-B18 Pryle, Marilyn Cultivating Skills for a Global World: Helping Students Become More Innovative, Interactive, and Socially Aware in the Second ELA Classroom
Th-B19 Wilhorn, Brian Engagement Strategies for Larger Reading Communities
Th-B20 Zaffiro, Deb; Meyer, Charity; & Lux, Taylor Celebrating Curiosity and Collaboration
Th-B21 Zimmerman, Teal & Anderson, Becky The Absence of a Voice Is a Judgment Against It: Expanding Diverse Texts in Middle and Secondary Classrooms
Th-B22 Zurawski, Jen & Kempen, Tara Collaboration through Workshop Utilizing Digital Tools