Wisconsin State Reading Association

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 2 to May 6.
Thank you Wisconsin Educators! 

WSRA would like to thank Wisconsin's educators for all that is done each and every day in each and every classroom across our state.  This message comes with high regard and appreciation for educators who are effectively leading all learners to read, write, view, speak, and listen with a joy and passion for learning. Thank you for your never-ending attention to what works, to your development of the mindset for learning in your classrooms, to the application of research that makes an impact for learners, and for your support of literacy in all contexts. Thank you! for putting meaningful books and pens into our students' lives. Educators make a difference! 

2015 International Literacy Association’s Teacher Empowerment Achievement Council Award winner!
"The outstanding work demonstrated by the Wisconsin State Reading Association exemplifies your dedication to empowering educators in your state." ILA Council Advisory Team



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