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Literacy excellence requires educators to think, continually learn, and relentlessly strive to recognize and address the needs of all students. As teachers who are readers and writers, we know that we use language to survive and thrive as human beings living together on this planet. We need to shift our mindsets to move forward from superficial notions of individual excellence to collective wisdom and expertise for living full, rich, purposeful lives. When you join WSRA, you’ll be joining the best minds in literacy education. WSRA is where excellence meets excellence. 


Testimonial from Ryanne D: I just wanted to take a moment to thank all those involved in the planning and organizing that made the November Leadership such a rewarding experience.  From the accommodations & food to the messages & meetings...all were top notch.  I'm just starting year two as a council vice president and I have to say that WSRA leadership meetings always leave me feeling more knowledgeable and connected with like-minded literacy professionals. President Cromer's red thread message continues to resonate with me, as well as the belief statements of WSRA that expertise matters, research grounds us, and literacy is a complex process that requires a comprehensive approach and a mindset shift.

February 7-9, 2019 #WSRA19 convention at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee, WI 

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Expertise Matters! Research Grounds Us! Literacy is a complex process that requires a comprehensive approach 

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