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Written by Joyce Uglow   


Below, you will find links to handouts which have been submitted by WSRA's 2017 Convention Presenters.  

Thursday 9:45
A1 Panel
A2 Acevedo
A3 Agosin
A4 Anderson, K.
A5 Bousley
A6 Burkins & Yaris
A7 Champeau
A8 Christensen
A9 Early Ch Lit
A10 Haase
A11 Harris-Manske Novel Book list
and  Picture Book list
A12 Kaye
A13 Kittle
A14 Laminack
A15 Magee (link to Drive)
A16 McKenzie
A17 Mills handout #1, handout #2,
handout #3handout #4

A18 Moses

A19 Reese
A20 Scanlon
A21 Wienke
A22 Wilhelm
A23 Wilhorn

Thursday 1:00
B1 Anderson, N.
B2 Daniels & Harvey
B3 Ivey & Johnston
B4 McKenzie

C1 Bindrich
C2 Champeau
C3 Cruz
C4 Davis, K.
C5 Dudley-Marling
C6 Ellison
C8 Glover
C9 Goldberg
C11 Kittle
C12 Lang
C13 Mills handout #1, handout #2,
handout #3handout # 4
C14 Nelson handout #1, handout # 2,
handout #3, handout #4handout #5
handout #6, handout #7handout # 8
C15 Pennell
C16 Peterson
C17 Porath
C18 Reese
C19 Scanlon
C20 Schliesman & LIndgren
handouthandout #2

Thursday 2:45 
D1 Adams Productive Partnerships,
LensesTrust SurveyHead Heart Hand
D2 Agosin
D3 Bomer
D5 Christensen
D6 Compton-Lilly
D7 Engel
D8 Glover
D9 Goldberg
D10 Janks
D11 Kaye
D12 Laminack
D13 Moses
D14 Porath
D15 Sahlberg
D16 Schliesman & Lindgren
handout #1, handout #2

D17 Toll
D18 Wilhelm
D19 Zarling

Friday 9:45
A1 Panel
A2 Alexander
A3 Anderson, N.
A4 Barnhouse
A5 Bindrich
A6 Just One More Page
A7 Dewitz
A8 Draves
A9 Fox

A10 Harvey, Stephanie
A11 Kapinus
A12 Kowalczyk
A13 Lang
A14 Lee
A15 McKenzie
A16 McMurtry
A17 Moses
A18 O'Connor
A19 Platt
A20 Renwick
A21 Serafini
A22 Tegen
A23 Vinton handout #1, handout #2,
handout #3
A24 Walsh-Boeder

Friday 1:00
B1 Ahmed & Daniels
B2 Cleaveland   handout #1,
handout #2handout #3
B3 Irby
B4 Mills  handout #1, handout #2,
handout #3

C1 Anderson, N.
C2 Barnhouse
C3 Bomer
C4 Burkins & Yaris
C6 Carlson
C7 Dewitz
C9 Fullan
C10 Goldberg
C12 Janks
C13 Johnston
C14 Lee
C15 McKenzie
C16 Puig
C17 Research Committee
C18 Ripp
C19 Sahlberg
C20 Short  handout #1handout #2

Friday 2:45
D1 Alexander
D2 Reddy
D3 Bomer   handout #1handout #2
D4 Picture This!
D5 Compton-Lilly
D6 Dudley-Marling  handout #1,
handout #2
D7 Gerber
D8 Glaus
D9 Goldberg
D12 Kapinus
D13 Kelly
D14 McKenzie
D15 Moses
D16 Novak
D17 Sahlberg
D18 Serafini
D19 Vinton handout #1, handout #2,
handout #3
D20 Walker-Dalhouse

R. Routman (Fall, 2016). Make Independent Reading First Priority. The California Reader (50-1), 26-30.

Saturday Handouts 2017

Convention Chapbook contribution Silent Voices by Regie Routman 

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