Friday 9:30 AM
Friday, February 7, 2020

Keynote: DONALYN MILLER at 8:15 AM

Donalyn Miller is an award-winning Texas teacher and author of several books on engaging children with reading including The Book Whisperer (Jossey-Bass, 2009). Donalyn is the co-founder of the community blog Nerdy Book Club. Her articles about teaching and reading have appeared in publications such as Education Week Teacher,The Reading Teacher, School Library Journal, Educational Leadership, and The Washington Post. Donalyn serves as Scholastic Book Fairs’ Manager of Independent Reading Advocacy.

Title: Empowering Readers Through Meaningful Access and Choice

Presentation: Access to books and the ability to choose what you want to read are the two factors consistently linked to both reading achievement and the development of intrinsic reading motivation, but too many young readers live in book deserts without meaningful, consistent access to books or the encouragement and mentoring they need to choose what they read. Donalyn Miller, award-winning Texas teacher and the author of numerous books and articles about engaging children with reading describes the conditions, routines, and instructional practices that support and engage young readers through access and choice.

Friday A Sessions 9:30 to 10:45
F-A01 Affinito, Stephanie Harnessing Technology to Build Teacher Learning Communities
F-A02 Anderson, Kevin; Bergersen, Dave; & Cox, Tim Literacy Connections in a New NGSS/WSS Science Lesson vs. Traditional Science
F-A03 Cummins, Sunday When Readers of Nonfiction Struggle: Conferences That Make a Difference
F-A04 Gentry, Richard How the Science of Reading Informs Best Classroom Practices: Effective Word Study
F-A05 Glover, Matt Leveraging Literary Growth: Composing Language in Writing and Reading
F-A06 Heard, Georgia Heart Maps: Helping Students Create and Craft Authentic Writing (2-8)
F-A07 Kahn, Hena Stories for Change: Reshaping the Narrative of American Muslims
F-A08 Kelley, Jane Using Readers Theater for Fluency and Fun
F-A09 Kittle, Penny Digital Composition: The Power is in Our Hands
F-A10 Lehman, Christopher Upgrade Your Best Loved Reading Practices! What Works and What’s Next?
F-A11 Moses, Lindsey Supporting Language and Literacy Development for ELL Across the Day: An Instructional Framework with Practical Strategies
F-A12 Mueller, Kathleen & Shimel, Kayla Using Philosophy to Develop Critical Thinkers
F-A13 Prather, Liz Project Based Writing: Fostering Inquiry and Independence in Student Writers
F-A14 Pratt, Gretchen & Anderson, Becky Re-centering Learners through Empowered Choices in an Era of Constraints
F-A15 Research Committee WSRA Research Committee: Pat Bricker Memorial Research Scholarship 
F-A16 Roberts, Maggie Beattie Be Your Favorite Teacher: Exploring the Art of Great Teaching
F-A17 Schoonover, Rhonda; Baker, Jennifer; & Busch, Erica Connecting, Collaborating, and Coaching for Engaged Secondary Literacy: One district's journey to reframe and reboot literacy instruction for middle and high school students
F-A18 Serafini, Frank What Still Matters in Literacy Education?
F-A19 Smith, Megen & Santoni, Annie Building Bridges: Practical Literacy Strategies in Rural Schools
F-A20 Stachowiak, Dana Critical Community Building: Creating Spaces of Resistance and Persistence
F-A21 Stone, Nic GET L.I.T. (Repeats at 2:00)
F-A22 Tatum, Alfred Nurturing Meaningful Literacy Exchanges with Texts Among Struggling and Non-Struggling Readers and Writers (Repeats at 11:00)