Cultivating Genius Chapter 6

Marvelous Monday!

This week, we are discussing Chapter Six from Gholdy Muhammad’s book, Cultivating Genius: An Equity Framework for Culturally and Historically Responsive Literacy. In this chapter, Dr. Muhammad speaks to the importance of teaching Criticality.

Consider this quote from page 120, “Criticality calls for teachers and students to understand the ideologies and perspectives of marginalized communities (especially Black populations all over the world) and their ways of knowing and experiencing the world. Without this knowledge and anti-oppressive beliefs of their own, it becomes impossible to teach criticality in the classroom because it calls for a direct interruption of the things that disturb the peace in the world and in communities.” 

Here are a few conversation starters from page 133. Choose one (or more) and share your thinking!

  • How do you actively teach about and disrupt oppression in your teaching?

  • When you establish criticality as a learning goal, what do you do well or with excellence and what do you need to improve upon?

  • How often do you talk about race and racism with your staff? How do you begin these conversations?

 The Read It Forward committee is looking forward to continuing this conversation with you! Your input is essential to this conversation! Thank you for growing in collaborative professionalism together!

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