Cultivating Genius Chapter 7

Marvelous Monday!

This week, we are discussing Chapter Seven from Gholdy Muhammad’s book, Cultivating Genius: An Equity Framework for Culturally and Historically Responsive LiteracyIn this chapter, Dr. Muhammad speaks about choosing historically responsive texts.

Consider this quote from page 137, “Books mattered. In literary societies, literature and reading various texts were at the heart of all their pursuits and literacy learning goals. They read diverse literature to enrich their minds and also to cultivate their identities, skills, intellect, and criticality. When they had funds, they put all their money into the establishment of libraries and their book collections.” 

Here are a few conversation starters from page 155. Choose one (or more) and share your thinking!

  • What type of literature, books, or texts are present in your classroom libraries? What types of texts and authors are missing? Is the literature representative of the lives and times of the students in the building?

  • What professional texts are you reading to help your learning and teaching of identity development, skills, intellect, and criticality?

  • How do you use funds for culturally and historically responsive books each year?

 The Read It Forward committee is looking forward to continuing this conversation with you! Your input is essential to this conversation! Thank you for growing in collaborative professionalism together!

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