Thursday 9:30 AM
Thursday, February 6, 2020

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Keynote: CORNELIUS MINOR at 8:15 AM

Title: You got to believe in somethin'. Why not believe in WE? -- Belief, Choices and the Challenge to Do What's Right

Presentation: So much of what we do comes down to belief -- in kids, in communities, in ourselves. So much of what the world hands us erodes that belief. How can we teach, lead, research, and organize when it can feel like we've given all that we can give? This is not a talk about filling our collective cups. We've already had that dialogue. This is a talk about using listening, sound pedagogy and inquiry to stop the erosion of belief that robs us of our energy and children of the futures that we can build together.

9:30 to 10:45 Thursday A Sessions
Th-A01 Abrams, Jennifer Swimming in the Deep End: What Does It Take?
Th-A02 Al-Adeimi, Shireen
Can Classroom Talk Improve Students' Reading Comprehension and Persuasive Writing Skills?
Th-A03 Anderson, Carl Individualize Writing Instruction by Conferring with Your Student Writers (Grades 3-8)
Th-A04 Armstrong, Jeannette Transforming Elementary Read-Alouds into Communities of Practice
Th-A05 Children's Literature Committee Children's Literature Recommends 
TH-A06 Compton-Lilly, Catherine Little Things Matter a Lot: The Construction of Inequity over Time
Th-A07 Fecho, Bob Building a Learning Community Through Dialogue
Th-A08 Fields, LaTasha Leveraging Culturally Responsive Practices to Achieve Literacy Excellence
Th-A09 Goldberg, Gravity Teach Like Yourself: Why Your Students Need You to Be You
Th-A10 Grafwallner, Peg

Are you Planning an Activity or Teaching a Skill?

Th-A11 Harris, Towanda The Right Tools: Choosing the Best for Your Students (Repeats at 2:00)
Th-A12 Jago, Carol Meeting Words Where They Live: Rethinking Vocabulary Instruction
Th-A13 Kay, Matthew Demystifying the “Safe Space”: Creating Supportive Classrooms & Relationships
Th-A14 Kilpatrick, David Recent Advances in Understanding Word-Level Reading Problems: Implications for Instruction and Intervention
Th-A15 Knezel, Sherrill Sketchnoting: An Innovative Path to Increased Engagement, Critical Thinking & Comprehension
Th-A16 Lindgren, Merri and Schliesman, Megan CCBC: Great New Books for K-5 Classrooms
Th-A17 Mraz, Kristi Building Compassionate Communities: Strategies for Developing Empathy in the Classroom through Literacy Structures
Th-A18 Ness, Molly The Reinvigorated Read-Aloud
Th-A19 Pryle, Marilyn Everyone Has Something to Say: Using a Structured Reading Response System to Foster Discussion, Metacognition, Close Reading, and Writing Fluency
Th-A20 Rief, Linda Quickwrites: How to Jumpstart Your Students’ Thinking and Writing
Th-A21 Ripp, Pernille Now What? Helping Students Become and Remain Passionate Readers
Th-A22 Schlie-Reed, Jennifer and Schlegel, Kelly The Digital Down Low: Creating Authentic Learning Experiences in the English Classroom & Beyond