Thursday 1:45 PM 
Thursday, February 6, 2020

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Th-C01 Champeau, Ford, Al-Adeimi, Fecho, Gomez,  & Nystrand Research Panel
Th-C02 Anderson, Carl Individualize Writing Instruction by Conferring with Your Student Writers (Grades K-2)
Th-C03 Anderson, Rebecca & Kaye, Keleen Valuing the Learner More than the System
Th-C04 Apps-Bodilly, Susan; Portl, Emily; Farwell, Emily; & Schubert, Nancy Valuing the Learner More Than the System
Th-C05 Brehl, Sandra Unpacking the Power of Picture Books (Part 1)
Th-C06 Caul, Tara & Hoffman, Katie Lifting the Lens of Complexity on Mentor Texts: Mirrors, Windows, and Sliding Glass Doors
Th-C07 Dunbar, Suzanne & Donegan, Andrea Building Bridges & Breaking Barriers with Good Books
Th-C08 Frederick, Amy; Lindh, Britta; & Tobisch, Sarah Action Research Transformed My Teaching
Th-C09 Gabriel, Rachael Leadership for Disciplinary Literacy Leadership
Th-C10 Goldberg, Gravity Supporting Readers Independence
Th-C11 Haddix, Marcelle Writing Our Lives as a Space of Healing in Troubling Times (Repeated from 11:00)
Th-C12 Harris, Towanda The Right Tools: Choosing the Best for Your Students (Repeated from 9:30)
Th-C13 Jago, Carol The Book in Question: Why and How Reading Is in Crisis
Th-C14 Jorgensen, Elizabeth & Hamilton, Heidi Accommodating All Students: A Co-Teaching Approach to Teaching Writing.
Th-C15 Kay, Matthew Not Light, But Fire
Th-C16 Lopez, Rafael Community Murals and Their Connection to Books
Th-C17 McGovern, Amy & Strehlow, Lynne Restructuring the Primary Literacy Block to Ensure Daily Phonological Awareness, Oral Language, and Foundational Reading Instruction
Th-C18 Mesmer, Heidi  Letter Lessons and First Words: Phonics Foundations that Work (Repeated from 11:00)
Th-C19 O'Connor, David American Indian Studies of Wisconsin
Th-C20 Rief, Linda A Writer-Reader Notebook: A Place for Students to Develop and Grow as Readers and Writers
Th-C21 Ripp, Pernille Passionate Writers – Helping Students Become True Writers
Th-C22 Treptow, Monica Promoting Equity, Improving Digital Literacy, and Integrating Digital Citizenship with Primary Sources from the Library of Congress