Committees/Task Forces

WSRA's goals are accomplished through the work of statewide committees. WSRA members are encouraged to serve on one of the committees listed below. Committee membership is open to WSRA members, is based on the needs of the organization, and members are appointed only upon approval of the Board of Directors. To express your interest in serving on a committee, click here for the self nomination form. 

From WSRA Red Book E12 Committee Handbook: 

Committees in General:

    • WSRA Committee members who present a session on behalf of the committee at the annual WSRA conference may attend for free on the day of the presentation. The committee presenting may receive up to four free registrations per conference. (March 2019)
    • WSRA Committee members are considered in good standing when:
      • they attend 75% of the Leadership meetings per council year,
      • participate collaboratively in the committee,
      • work for the good of the organization,
      • promote the WSRA and its mission and beliefs, and
      • are committed to working well together professionally. (March 2019)
    • The WSRA Committee Chair has the discretion to determine a committee member’s good standing based on attendance as documented by Administrative Assistant.
    • No one person shall serve in any capacity on more than one committee at a time, with the exception of the Nominating Committee.
    • A committee in good standing will contribute to the good of the organization, promote WSRA’s mission and beliefs. (March 2019)

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  • Board of Directors  
  • PI 34 Committee Chair 
  • Children's Literature Committee Chair  Jillian Heise [email protected] 

    Guiding Expectations of Children's Literature Committee Members

    • Read widely and extensively throughout the year (minimum goal is 200 picture books + 40 novels).

    • Update shared spreadsheet with opinion of eligible titles at least monthly throughout the year.

    • Attendance at all 4 Leadership meetings to discuss books and complete other committee work.

    • Contributing to committee conference session through prep work and presenting.

    The WSRA Children's Literature Committee members dedicate themselves to reading widely in order to evaluate the newest books published each year.  This is done to recommend the most interesting and valuable books for educators and children to read.  The committee considers titles published during the 15 months prior to the conference calendar year and evaluates books based on the quality of the literature, the appeal for students, and the value for classroom use.  The committee creates two lists to help educators select titles for use in their specific areas. The "Just One More Page" list highlights the committee's recommendations for the best of the newest chapter books through eighth grade, while "Picture This" highlights the recommendations for the best of the newest picture books.  The lists are revealed at the annual WSRA conference in February and can be found after the conference on the WSRA website.

  • Research Committee Chair TBA Pat Bricker Memorial Research Scholarship Subcommittee Chair, Krissy Lize