Online Literacy Learning Academy and Archived Webinars

Academy Webinar Series 19-20

Digital Learning Tools to Amplify Each Learner's Voice Presented by JoEllen Lieck

Managing Digital Learning Presented by JoEllen Lieck

Wired Wednesday Webinar Series 16-17: Communication for Literacy Collaboration

The WSRA believes literacy is a complex process requiring a comprehensive approach.  This approach to literacy is dependent upon expertise, research, and a growth mindset. As literacy leaders, we must have a deep and current knowledge base about literacy.  However, increasingly, we must also advocate for rich, purposeful, and equitable literacy teaching, learning, and assessment. This three-part webinar series - free for WSRA members - provides concrete strategies that literacy leaders can use immediately to better collaborate around literacy. 

October 5, 2016 Hard Conversations Unpacked: Extending the Learning with Jennifer Abrams  Click here for the recording

December 7, 2016 Improving Relationships: Solutions for Resolving Conflict with Laura Gleisner 

January 11, 2017 Perspectives for Supporting Teacher Learning and Change with Cathy Toll

Wired Wednesday Webinar Series 15-16

Webinar Series for WSRA and IRC 14-15

Please click on the embedded links below to access the YouTube videos and PowerPoints.

Keith Schroeder's webinar 

Maria Nichols  This is the PowerPoint used for the October 1, 2014 webinar, "Talk Matters."  YouTube Webinar 

October 29, 2014 Laura Adams' webinar video on Smarter Balanced and the Speaking and Listening Standards.

Linda Rourke's YouTube Webinar on Knowledge and Ideas for the Illinois Reading Council  Here is the PDF of Linda's presentation.

November 5, 2014 YouTube Mike Opitz's Listen Hear! webinar  Here is the PDF of Mike's presentation.

December 3, 2014 "Fostering Academic Conversations:   YouTube An Evening with Jeff Zwiers

January 7, 2015 with YouTube Smokey Daniels   PPT from the webinar

January 28, 2015 YouTube "Reading Unbound" with Jeff Wilhelm

March 17, 2015 "Collaborative Conversations and the Speaking and Listening Standards" with Doug Fisher  Click here for the YouTube video of the webinar.

April 15, 2015 "Facilitating Student Discussion with Socratic Circles" with Matt Copeland  Click here for the PowerPoint from the webinar.

May 13, 2015 Dr Annette Smith   Click here for the YouTube version.

Addressing Introverted Students in the Classroom:

Nonprofit rules 

PI 34 video

Webinar Series for 13-14

WSRA Wired Wednesday:  60+ Chrome Apps in 60 Minutes

WSRA Wired Wednesday:  Apps for Struggling Readers and Writers (and their teachers, too!)

WSRA Wired Wednesday:  Supporting Disengaged Writers in Finding Their Voice and Developing Their Skills

WSRA Wired Wednesday: Badger Link

WSRA Wired Wednesday: Enhancing Literacy Activities and Common Core Standards with Teaching Books

2011-12 Webinars

WSRA Wired Wednesday: An Evening with Harry Ross and Steve Zemmelman

WSRA Wired Wednesday -An Evening with Megan Schliesman and the CCBC Great New Books K-12

WSRA Wired Wednesday -An Evening with BadgerLink: Common Core and Informational Text

WSRA Wired Wednesday - An Evening with Andrea Thiry-Wenz

WSRA Wired Wednesday - An Evening with Douglas Fisher

WSRA Wired Wednesday with Nancy Willard - Reading Teachers and Internet Safety

WSRA Wired Wednesday - Literacy in the 21st Century with Keith Schroeder


WSRA Position Statements

B10 Early Literature

B10 Families and Literacy

B10 Grouping

B10 High School Reading

B10 Intellectual & Academic Freedom

B10 Literacy Coach

B10 Middle Level Literacy

B10 Reading Design for Middle Level Schools

B10 Multicultural Literature

B10 Relationship Between Reading & Writing

B10 Reading & Technology

B10 Reading Specialists

B10 Title 1


Attached are the WSRA Logos


B7 WSRA Logo with 60 for anniversary celebration

B7 WSRA Logos_page - pdf

B7 WSRA_Logo Red

B7 WSRA_Logo_Big_red

B7 WSRA_Logo_Big_black

B7 WSRA_Logo_Small_black

B7 WSRA_Logo_black

B7 WSRA Logo 60


Honor Council Documents

Attached are all the PDFs that you need for becoming a Honor Council.  The first PDF is a guideline and checklist to help you know what you have completed and sent. 


HC Guidelines Fillable Form Revised August 2015

F5 HC Form 1a EC Member Council Attendance updated 7/30/15

F5 HC Form 1b to 3b Membership updated 7/30/15

F5 HC Form 1c Convention Participation updated 7/30/15

F5 HC Form 1d International Literacy Day updated 7/30/15

F5 HC Form 2c Update or Journal Submission 7/30/15

F5 HC Form 2d Worldwide Literacy Effort 7/30/15

F5 HC Form 3a Attendance to Leadership Meeting

F5 HC Form 3c Community Literacy Project 7/30/15

F5 HC Form 3d Literacy Project outside of Home Continent

F5 HC Form 4b Support for Future or New Educators updated 7/30/15

F5 HC Form 4d Partnership with International Council

F5 HC Form 5a Legislative Liaison and Membership Chair Rev 2016

F5 HC Form 5b PD for Council Members

F5 HC Form 6a Membership Campaign

F5 HC Form 7c NIE or MOIE

F5 HC Form 8c Families in Literacy Project

F5 HC Form 9c Publicize in Local Media

F5 HC Form 10c - 13c Awards Nominations 1

F5 HC Form 14c - 17c Awards Nominations 2

F5 HC Form 18c Council Members on WSRA Committees

F5 HC Form 20c Advocate for Literacy Issues

F5 HC Form 21c Activities for Student Readers or Writers

 F5 HC Form 22c WSRA and ILA Goals



Welcome to the Council General Reference Page

All of the attached files are PDF. 

F1 Local Council Timeline

F2 Mileage Reimbursement

F3 Newsletter Reimbursement

F4 Speakers' Bureau Checklist

F4 Speakers' Bureau Request

F5 Honor Council

Read-In Materials for Hispanic American (Sept) updated 7/30/15, Native American (Nov) updated 7/30/15, and African American (Feb) updated 7/30/15

African American Read-In 2016

African American Read-in list

Native American Read-in 2015

Native American Read-in List

Hispanic American Read-In (September 2015)

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